Season 5,

COVID-19: A Talk About How Real Estate is Reacting to This Pandemic

March 20, 2020

Matthew Slutsky (co-Founder of Buzzbuzzhome) and Ara Mamourian (Broker at The Spring Team at have an important chat about Real Estate and COVID-19 with two amazing humans (see below)

We had to go remote on this one so it’s our first VIDEO episode. You can check your podcast provider a little later today for the full audio version.

Once again, huge shoutout to Mortgage Jake for jumping on board as our first ever sponsor! Listed for his ads throughout the video and audio versions.

The Corona Virus has taken the world by storm, turning the entire world upside-down in a heartbeat and is going to change the way that the real-estate industry operates for many many months, and potentially forever.

But, life isn’t stopping. It is time to evolve the way we do business. Today we are welcoming two very different guests to talk about the changes taking place, what builders are doing in the wake of COVID19, and how we are going to move forward as an industry.

Please welcome Andy Brethour of PMA Brethour Real Estate Corporation Inc, Brokerage and Saul Colt – The Idea Integration Company!

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