Season 4,

405 – Taya Cook Tells All About Reina Condos Developed/Designed by Woman, built for Everyone

July 02, 2019

This week Matt and Ara chat with Taya Cook, the Director of Development at Urban Capital, overseeing residential developments across Canada.

Taya is in the midst of launching a new project in Toronto called “Reina Condos”, which is described as “Condominiums designed by women. Developed by women. Built for everyone.”

You’re going to want to take a deep listen to this one, folks. We learned a ton about what Taya and her team are up to.

But more importantly, we had an open and honest discussion about women in Real Estate and what we can all do to make this a much more inclusive space. 

Oh and Taya mentioned a survey – you can check that out here and provide your feedback!

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